Winter Workshop Series


8 weeks - Wednesday Nights: 19:30-21:45
Start Date: Wednesday February 5th

About the workshop:
This workshop is for advanced improvisers with at least 2 year experience

or who have taken an Improv 101 and 201 course. Throughout this

workshop we will hone our long form skills by learning and performing

of the most well-known long-form formats - The Harold!

Each session will include two sections: a skills section in which we will hone a specific long-form skill and a performance section in which we will practice putting that skill into action and where participants can receive individual and group feedback.

Specific long-form skills will include creating meaningful relationships on stage, playing authentically, recognising and establishing patterns, finding the game of the scene, playing first, second and third beats, establishing group games and practicing performance skills.

This course will end in an optional performance for family and friends!

About the facilitator:
Adaya is a co-founder of The Stage. She is an improviser and is a registered psychologist. Originally from Australia, she studied improv at ImproAustralia and at Chicago iO and has been practicing, teaching and performing Improv for the past 8 years. She believes that Improv skills are useful in almost every aspect of life; from work to relationships to everyday human interactions, and that everyone should try Improv at least once in their life!

Specific Workshop Dates:
1) February 5
2) February 12
3) February 19
4) February 26
5) March 04
6) March 11
7) March 18
8) March 25

Fee Regular: 720 NIS
Fee Students/Soldiers/Senior: 680 NIS



6 weeks - Tuesday Nights: 19:30-21:30

(6 week course, including a final showing on last date)

Start Date: Tuesday February 18th

About the workshop:
We are all naturally storytellers. We tell stories every day. But to skillfully harness words and imagination to inspire and light up our listeners - now that is a different story! A story well told allows the listeners to relate to their own ideas and experiences, and can be remembered for years to come.
Come and discover what stories you have to tell, whether traditional or true life tales, whether it's for the stage, the office, the community or the family.
We will gather a toolbox of skills for the art and craft of storytelling, from the inside out.

This workshop is for anyone looking to tell their story - or any story - well. For those who want to unlock creativity, imagination and the ability to captivate and deliver their message. For those wishing to build confidence in public speaking, cultivate the art of listening and dialogue, and for personal and professional development.

About the facilitator:
Charlie Kesem
is a storyteller, facilitator and producer, spreading the message of creativity as a catalyst for transformation. Originally from London, she trained at the International School of Storytelling and delivers magic through performance arts, workshop facilitation, education and community building, in Israel, the UK and Europe.

Specific Workshop Dates:
1) February 18
2) February 25
3) March 03
4) March 17
5) March 24
6) March 31

Fee Regular: 540 NIS
Fee Students/Soldiers: 510 NIS

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