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Upcoming Events from The Stage:

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Moonlight Comedy Showcase -  New shows listed through April! Sign up to perform!

Great news for the new year - Moonlight Comedy Showcase is now bimonthly. Yes, TWO TIMES a month starting this January! More laughs, more opportunities to get on stage in 2024!

Upcoming Moonlight Comedy Showcases:

Sunday, March 3

Monday, March 18

Monday, April 1

Sunday, April 21 - New Date!


Interested in performing at these Moonlight Comedy Showcases? Fill out the registration form:

PPT Karaoke Facebook Event Cover.png

PowerPoint Karaoke - Improvise a Presentation!

The Stage TLV (with no affiliation with Microsoft)

“What the hell is PowerPoint karaoke?!?” you ask. Basically, individuals or pairs can volunteer to present a PowerPoint presentation they’ve NEVER SEEN before. Presenters will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis, so arrive early (read: 19:30) if you want to present! All you need to bring is some quick thinking and witty quipping (no experience necessary). We’ll bring the rest.


Polly (Rothschild 60, Tel Aviv)

MONDAY, March 11th
Sign up to present starts at 19:30; Show starts at 20:00
FREE ENTRY (but get a delicious beverage - it makes everything funnier)!

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