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Bachelors Wanted for "Date Night"

Calling all single, eligible men in Tel Aviv or its surrounding areas!

As part of Date Night with Sarah Markowitz on Feb 10th, we are now looking for our "eligible bachelors" to have fun with us on stage and would LOVE to hear from you if you're interested in participating in the show.

// Requirements //
*looking to date in some capacity
*interested in women
*aged 28-38
*comfortable on stage (stage experience good but not required)

If interested please contact Sarah Markowitz or The Stage and fill out the Google form below.

More info on what is required for the show can be found in the form.

Super excited to hearing from you wonderful bachelors!

Winter Workshop Series

Advanced Improv - The Harold 

Starting Feb 5th

This workshop is for advanced improvisers with at least 2 year experience or who have taken an Improv 101 and 201 course. Throughout this workshop we will hone our long form skills by learning and performing one of the most well-known long-form formats - The Harold!

Storytelling - Inside Out

Starting Feb 18th

This workshop is for anyone looking to tell their story - or any story - well. For those who want to unlock creativity, imagination and the ability to captivate and deliver their message. For those wishing to build confidence in public speaking, cultivate the art of listening and dialogue, and for personal and professional development.


Date Night with Sarah Markowitz

Feb 10th at 20:00 @ Polly, Rothschild 60 - TLV

“It’s like if ‘The Voice’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ had a baby… all in front of an audience.”

How does it work? Through a series of scintillating questions and challenges, one extremely dateable gal will choose between 3 very eligible bachelors (while obvi not seeing what they look like). 

Once she chooses, she and “the chosen one” will go on a date right there on stage… in front of a live audience. Did we mention that? That it’s LIVE!?

Tickets are 25 NIS in advance and 35 NIS at the door. Get ‘em fast cause this weird ass show will sell out soon.

Hosted by Sarah Markowitz, the self proclaimed “Tel Aviv Dating Expert”, this comedic show will get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day (or perhaps it'll turn you completely off love, we can’t really know)… and hell, there might even be someone in the audience for YOU!

Moonlight Comedy Showcase: Valentine's Eve!

Feb 13th 20:30 @ Beer Bazaar Levinsky

Is Valentine's Day Eve a real thing? Nah dudes. But are our comedians the real deal? Hell yeah! Come out to Beer Bazaar Levinsky on February 13th to see some incredible comedy - some of it likely full of romance, intrigue, and self-deprecating heartbreak!

Do you want to perform? No matter if you're a stand-up pro or virgin, we'd ♥ to have your supreme funniness on stage with us!

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