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StageX: Absurdity

July 2022

Theater of the Absurd for an Absurd Timeline (2).png

StageX brings dozens of people from our community together to create high-quality, original theater in  a span of two months (usually). This StageX was a bit absurd, as it began a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic began (yeah, two years ago). We hoped that it would be over soon -- and, well, that was absurdly optimistic! However, while we were quarantined at home, six local writers created original plays that organically took on an absurd theme. Now a creative team of directors and actors are finally taking their words and creating magic on stage. Absurd but true, the show must go on!

Performance: 30 July 2022 @20:30 at Beit Alfa Theater, Tel Aviv

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Photo Credit: Shelly Yair

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