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Act-A-Thon: 48 Hour Short Play Festival
Spooky Halloween Edition!

October 48 hour 2019 (Facebook Event Cover) (1).png
Act-A-Thon: Spooky Edition!
Download the Playbill!
Welcome to the Act-A-Thon 48 HOUR Short Play Festival. This is a community-based production by The Stage TLV. During this unique event we write, rehearse, and perform 7 original plays & musicals in English in the span of only 48 hours. It's like a hackathon, but with more laughter and less technological relevance

Original short plays are written from scratch throughout Thursday night by giving a group of writers some words/phrases/topics as inspiration. This time around, the writers will receive inspiration from the world of horror movies & creepy tales in honor of Halloween (though they are free to write any genre they want)! Directors and actors then take on the scripts and work for the next 30+ hours until Saturday at 8pm - SHOWTIME!!! The Act-a-Thon is a fun, energetic event and the level of talent that comes out in just 48 hours always impresses the audience!

Performance: Saturday, October 29th 

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