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Hauptmann by John Logan

March 2015

The Stage in association with Amber Gitter, opened up its 2015 season with a spellbinding drama based on actual events, with 7 actors playing 26 roles all in one show!


 "HAUPTMANN" is a play about one of the most famous and most analyzed trials in modern American history. On March 1st, 1932, the infant son of aviator Colonel Charles Lindbergh, the most famous man in the world at the time, is kidnapped and killed. Four years later, an innocent man is executed for the crime. Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a German immigrant in America, retells his story moments before being sent to the electric chair. The drama, performed in two acts, explores the power of celebrity and the media over the United States’ legal system.


The Stage is proud to be able to help artists such as Gitter realize their artistic visions, and is honored to be able to open its 2015 performance year with this two-hour production, broadening its creative spectrum towards the genre of modern drama.

Photo Credit: Neil Goldstein
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