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TLV Short Play Festival 

July 2016

TLV Short Play Festival was 2016's big production involving no less than 25 actors and a team of nine directors and stage managers.

After our big success with the One Act Play Festival

in 2014 we decided to bring back with this festival-style

performance, consisting of 7 short, comedic plays combined

in a 90 minutes show!

We went through over 100 short plays and selected seven that

covered numerous genres with a wide variety of characters

for everyone to connect to, whether it be that guy and girl who

are not quite brave enough to strike up a real life conversation,

to the chaos of giving birth (or being birthed for that matter),

to an ashram full of misguided monks. 


The short plays:

Small Talk   by David MacGregor

Almost Connected   by Thomas Pierce

The Answer   by Cary Pepper

A Womb With a View   by Rich Orloff

Hiccup   by Stacey Lane

An Unfamiliar Waltz   by Trace Crawford

Build a Wall   by Cary Pepper

Graphical Design by superhappy studio

Photo Credit: Steven Winston

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