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Moonlight Comedy Showcase

Next Show: Monday , October 9
Polly Bar - Rothschild 60, Tel Aviv
Show starts @ 21:30

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About the founder & How it all started:

Moonlight Comedy was created by Becky Brothman in July 2019. The idea was born out of a love of stand-up comedy and an equally intense bout of stage fright. The goal was to create a warm, welcoming (not at all intimidating and anxiety-causing) environment for veteran and first-time comedians alike to perform their material in front of a crowd ready to laugh and party. Moonlight Comedy has quickly become a beloved staple in The Stage calendar, with a monthly show featuring hilarious comedians, witty commentary, and delicious beer. The Moonlight Comedy Showcase is hosted by Becky Brothman - and sometimes special guest hosts when she's too tired and can't be bothered to be honest. Her stage fright may be cured, but the laziness remains.

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Past Showcases

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