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Feb 2019


A play for children and anyone who has ever been a child, about family, friends, and the ways our differences can bring us together. 

This show is in English, and is recommended for ages 6-12, but appropriate for all.  


LUNA by Ramon Esquivel, tells the story of Soledad, the daughter of migrant farm workers. Because they never stay in one place for very long, her only friend is Luna, the moon. But Soledad dreams of some more down to earth friends too. With the advice and encouragement of Luna, Soledad finds that she’s just got to take a little risk, and is able to make not one, but two new friends! When this new development clashes with the way her family has organized their life following the work and harvests, only Luna can guess what will happen.


LUNA is a play about family, about friendship, and the ways in which our differences are what make us most like one another. 

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