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Poetry Slam & Storytelling Series


About the founder & How it all started:


Karen Lerman is a poet and she knows it! She got her start in the local scene of Nyack, NY and continued her poetic journey as part of her university slam team, eventually moving to New York where she volunteered with The Moth, the famous storytelling slam show and podcast. When she made Aliyah, she knew she had to bring that love of poetry and storytelling slams to Tel Aviv so she created The Stage Slam Series in January 2015. It was such a hit with our community that it took on a life of its own and has been been running ever since -- now in its sixth season!


Each slam series is made up of 6 themed slam competitions; talented poets and storytellers perform original pieces in front of a live audience and five judging groups. The top two performers from each event then go on to compete for a cash prize at the Grand Slam in the spring. Themes have included "Take me drunk, I'm home," "Naughty or Nice," "Adulting" and more. The Slam Series is hosted by Karen Lerman and features a team of dedicated volunteers including Lavi Benha, Hunter Weinsheink, Naomi Henoch, Amy Lucans, and Becky Brothman.

Past Slams

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