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2nd Annual Hanukkah Sketchfest
SNL / Eretz Nehederet + Hanukkah = 8 crazy comedy sketches!

Hanukkah Sketchfest - Festival of Lights, Love & 8 Crazy Comedy Sketches!
A great comedy miracle happened HERE! Welcome to The Stage's *Second Annual Hanukkah Sketchfest*, a merry festival of original sketch comedy written, acted and directed by our very own community talent. 8 nights of Hanukkah = 8 hilarious comedy sketches @ 8pm on Thursday December 22 & December 29!
** NOTE: This is a Hanukkah Sketchfest because it falls during the holiday -- and because we love doughnuts. But the sketches are not holiday-based and you won't need to celebrate to enjoy the performance. Even if you're Hellenistic, you'll have some good laughs! Writers may play drunk dreidel backstage because that's awesome, but that's about it. **

Performance Dates and Details:

Thursdays, December 22nd & 29th

20:00 @ Theater Beit Alfa, Rechov Beit Alfa 13, Tel Aviv

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