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Meet the Artistic Director of the TLV Short Play Festival

Nothing brings me more joy than storytelling through theater. As the Artistic Director of the TLV Short Play Festival, my goal is to support our artists in their quest to make theater that tells meaningful stories.

“You cannot create results. You can only create conditions in which something might happen.” This quote by the renowned artistic director Anne Bogart is the guideline of my efforts. Taking part in this unique festival, where each and every participant is a volunteer, is taking an extraordinary leap of faith. I am grateful that we are all leaping together.

I believe in the power of theater to lift artist and audience alike to a deeper experience of their humanity, be it by moving them to tears or in this case laughter. It may sound lofty, but in the golden age of TV-shows and blockbuster movies, theater’s major challenge is to stay relevant.

Mounting an evening of seven comedic short plays that have never before been performed in Tel Aviv is taking on this challenge. It is a highly collaborative process where our creative minds are gathering together to make each play come to life on stage. All for the love of theater.

The dedication and sacrifices made by everyone on board - a crew of volunteers from deckhand to captain - prove that I chose well to sign up and motivate me to sail the extra mile, lend my ear to every question or concern and to forget the afternoon nap I have been longing for four weeks.

My job is to the keep the ship afloat, although usually, if forced on board, I’d rather hide as I am prone to seasickness! But paddling from rehearsal to rehearsal during this final week and witnessing art, laughter and good storytelling flowing together exhilarates me and I would not dare to dream of napping.

Rebecca Flanders moved from New York to Tel Aviv in September 2015 to attain a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at TAU. She holds a BFA in Music and Theater from the University of Miami. She comes from a performance background and has only recently discovered her passion for producing. Some favorite performance credits include The Witch in Into the Woods, Maria in Twelfth Night and Rona in The 25th Annual Putnam County… Rebecca has produced concert charity events for the Valerie Fund and the University of Miami Alumni Association. Rebecca is a proud member of Actor’s Equity.

Tickets are available for 65NIS. Discounts are offered for students and soldiers (please check here).

To purchase tickets click here!

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