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Impressions on "Improv in Motion"

I, as an actor, have participated in countless acting and improvisation courses, all very entertaining and that have made me a lot better as an artist and as a person. So when I heard that there would be an improv workshop here in Tel Aviv, in English, I wasted no time and signed up.

From the moment I entered the class, I realized that I had made the right decision. There were all kinds of people there. Different ages, professions, nationalities... But all with the same goal: Have fun and make the most of this 4 hours class.

The teacher, an Uruguayan named Andy, always very attentive and very didactic, welcomed us all very well and started the day with a breathing exercise to bring us to the present moment.

Then he gave us exercises of attention and recognition of the body, the environment and our colleagues. Later we were involved in a series of dynamic games in which, together, we created, told and interpreted collective stories, built images using ourselves and colleagues, and performed and imitated each other's movements.

Within this playful and relaxed environment the concept of interdependence, synergy and how to work and create collectively was worked out. In addition, we were able to get to know each other and ourselves from an other point of view.

By the end of the day, Andy suggested that each person would receive a massage from the rest of the group, one at a time. Result: I have never felt so close to paradise.

Being in the present moment, accepting mistakes, no judgement, playing and having fun are some of the principles that were worked out in this fully experiential workshop.

Improvisation Principles:

Be present: work here and now.

Acceptance: of ideas, proposals, timing and partner.

Refined listening: listening to the partner and the present moment.

Flow of ideas: not filtering, not judging, letting ideas come out.

Final Impressions:

I was very pleased with this workshop. The teacher was very attentive and brought very interesting and fun exercises, many that I did not know, that allowed me to exercise my creativity, attention and my verbal and non verbal communication. I finished the class relaxed and confident. I feel I have improved as a person and an artist.

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