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How I felt being Miscast!

After having auditioned for nearly all of the past productions The Stage has put on, and not quite making it through…it was “Consider Yourself” from the old classic Oliver Twist that impressed the judges and got me through the Miscast 2 auditions. My persistence had paid off – Broadway, here I come!

So, for those of you who are not familiar with the concept of the Miscast theme, the idea of the show is that every number, group, duet or solo is to be performed as never before….totally “miscast!” So if you care to conjure up the image of Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music” singing and skipping through the hills with a basket in hand the lovely way she does. Oh but wait a minute…..this much adored iconic character is in fact revealing a miraculous sprouting of wiry hairs through the top of her blouse and something that resembles…hang on a minute…an Adam’s apple!

(Cast and Crew of Miscast - Photo Credit: Neil Goldstein)

Yes, men as women, women as men, straights as transvestites and two characters rolled into one….the line-up was going to be nothing short of hilarious and colourful. We only had about a month and a half to prepare the entire show before opening night…but with the joining of creative minds, lots of practice, and quite a few rehearsals, things soon started to take form…

For my debut part (yes, first time on stage, ever!) I was cast none other than the much loved “Tevye” from Fiddler on the Roof, where I took part in a 4-part medley, which included “If I were a Rich Man”, “Match-Maker”, “To Life” and “Tradition”. I wouldn’t say that playing the part of an early 1900’s Eastern European religious man necessarily come totally naturally to me, but hey, that is the fun of Miscast! And once I had my flat-cap and holy peyot (long curly ringlets) in place, wild horses couldn’t stop me from swinging my tzizit from here to high heaven.

(Fiddler Medly - Photo Credit: Steven Winston)

Miscast 2 was a lot more focused on bringing the energy of those fun group numbers to the stage, on top of the much-loved solos that mainly featured in Miscast 1. “Nothing Like a Dame” from South Pacific, choreographed by Oran Aviv was a fun number whereby myself, Devorah Barenholtz, Sarit Brown, Shiri Epstein, Sivan Kaynar Kissinger, Yifat Sharabi, Tessa Snitcher and Dorin Sidman dressed up in white hats, bandanas and stripes and posed as a bunch of hot to trot sailors, hungry for those lovely ladies…the ladies being men of course!

(Nothing Like a Dame - Photo Credit: Steven Winston)

Numbers included the sexy “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago, performed by the ever so raunchy Asher Gelman, Shlomi Morad, Elad Zabinsky, Mati Bardosh Gelman, Shahaf Ifhar and Tom Idelson. Our very talented Shiri Epstein brought the house down with “I Am Adolpho” from The Drowsy Chaperone as her inner horny French man flirted with the crowd. One of my personal favourites that never failed to move me to both tears and laughter was “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera, performed by the amazingly talented Tom with his ballet moves and operatic vocals that left everyone wowed.

(Cell Block Tango - Photo Credit: Steven Winston)

If I had a few dozen pages to fill I could gush about all the other numbers….and the hilarious comical antics of the emcees…and the wonderfully supportive crew….and just how this entire experience was a truly enjoyable, bonding and nourishing experience for all those involved. Bring on Miscast 3! Less Grease…..more….er…Mamma Mia?

(Cast of Miscast - Photo Credit: Steven Winston)

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