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Wanted: Volunteers with Ideas & Passion!

As a volunteer organization, The Stage relies on individuals who want to get involved, have passion for performing arts and are excited to take initiative.

That is why we created the 'Run-your-own-project' contest #TheStageIsYours.

This video contest is about your idea and more importantly, about your passion to make it reality.

Participating in the contest is just the first step of the process and it is that easy:

Step 1: Create a video pitch

Step 2: Upload it to YouTube

Step 3: Fill out the sign up form by June 30th

Step 4: Get your friends to 'LIKE' your video

The second step will begin once we announce the contest winners: You won? Great, cause now the fun begins. The Stage will entrust you with a predefined budget based on the project, because we are certain that your performing arts dream is of value to the community!

You will then take the lead and ownership of YOUR DREAM PROJECT. Need support? No problem, The Stage community is there to help with production, marketing, logistics and anything else to make your project come to life.

It is not ‘WE’ The Stage and ‘YOU’ the community, but ‘US’ The Stage Community!

Yalla - do it today! Submit your project idea!

Oh, and if you are interested in all the submissions check out the YouTube playlist!

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