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I certainly hope that explains everything

Me performing at Polly for May's Slam

Our topic is “That Explains Everything.”

For the past month, I have been wracking my brain for ideas. I am trying not to panic – after all, my past two months’ pieces were written either the day before or the day of the performance. But I know that this time I will be up against “the big kids” – 7 other finalists - and I want to write something extra amazing.

Since I am one of the finalists, I know that I am capable of engaging my audience, and I also know that the other finalists are equally capable of doing that. We each have our unique style – some present highly polished, theatrical pieces, others write thought-provoking poems, while others favor a more anecdotal approach.

This month, we have the added bonus of performing for a cash prize. So of course, this is also a motivation to give an extra special performance. I could certainly use some extra money for those essentials in life, like laundry and chocolate.

But cash prizes aside, we are all performing because you, the audience, decided that we were the best and because you wanted to hear more from us. We are entirely at your mercy. In exchange for your votes, we will present you with a wide spectrum of poems and stories, from the hilarious and wacky to the sentimental and nostalgic, from the serious and challenging to the simple and humble.

We will tell you the secrets of the universe. Are you ready to listen?

Come to Kuli Alma this Wednesday, July 22nd for a riveting evening of your favorite performers in The Stage TLV’s Grand Slam!

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