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A Slammin' Friday

As January 2nd is the first Friday of the month, we’re having our usual First Friday at The Dancing Camel. How awesome is it that every month we get to have fun and hear people get creative! This month we’re having a Storytelling and Poetry slam. Our very own website designer and community committee member Karen Lerman is organizing the event!

We already have a full list of performers, so there should be lots to listen to! If you’re new to slams, check out some of Karen’s favorites: Dan Savage, Like Lilly, Like Wilson, I wanna hear a poem, I need to write, and Good News Vs. Bad News.

So if you want to enjoy others creativity and hang out with some great people, come and listen! And don’t forget to have one of The Dancing Camel’s hand crafted beers, last time I was there they had a great cherry flavored brew.

By: Ma'ayan Dekel

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