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Spoken Word - The Stage's Slam Series

For those of us who braved the rain, wind, and cryptic addresses, we were rewarded with another exciting night of spoken word at The Stage’s “Turning Points” Poetry Slam and Storytelling event on Saturday, March 21st.

The event took place at the Ktovt Bar in south Tel Aviv, whose intriguing décor includes a wall of plants growing from old shoes and a birdcage filled with baby dolls. As with last month’s event, the space filled quickly as eager audience members staked out seating - or, as in the case of most people, standing - places.

The “sacrificial lamb” broke the ice with a piece about self-definition and from there the evening rolled by quickly. Topics ranged from personal experiences to pure fiction to thought-provoking social commentary and calls to action. Performers came from all over the world (Israel, America, England, and Russia, to name some) and each brought a unique voice and character to the stage.

(Tom, Din, and Tal challenged the audience with their provocative social commentaries)

The scores were very close, but at the end of the night, the winners were Ariane Mandell and Sam Kuttner. Both shared personal experiences and their vivacity, charm, and stage presence won the audience and judges over easily. Ariane and Sam will both perform again in the final Slam event at the end of the series. They will be competing for a cash prize against previous winners from each Slam event.

(Ariane’s theatrical prowess and Sam’s tongue-in-cheek “coming out” story earned them the top scores)

Kol haKavod to all of the performers, thanks to everyone for coming out, and thanks again to Ktovt for hosting the event!

If you were in the audience last night but want to be on the stage next time, then contact The Stage about performing in April’s event!

And if you missed last night’s event, be sure to mark your calendars for April 29th and like our slam series facebook page! Also check out the recent video trailer for the slam series created by the one and only Elahn at Chutzpa Media!

See you there!

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